Blood of Brujeria
Blood of Brujeria
Botanica San Simon

Blood of Brujeria

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Author: Arredondo, Alexis A

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 90

Release Date: 17-07-2021

Details: WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT Mexican brujería (witchcraft) is generally assumed to be just the folk magical practices of Mexico and its borders. But, the magic, spells,and rituals of Mexican brujería are very much a system of their own. It is deeper, darker, and rooted in the teachings of the Mexican ancestors. In the pre-hispanic societies, brujería was revered, and those who had the gifts to perform it were much respected, as well as feared. This book explores the basic concepts of Mexican brujería by clearly presenting it as its own distinctive branch of magic. Brujería isn’t just cursing and hurting people without reason; it’s a powerful means for defense and the fight for fairness in the face of injustice. A knife is a tool commonly used to prepare food; it has no intention of its own. It can also be employed for violence. The one who holds the tool decides its purpose. The spells and trabajos (spiritual workings) within this book are placed in the reader’s hands to use as they decide. We hope that this book can serve the community as a working guide that will lay bare and rectify common misconceptions and misunderstandings. In our first book, Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic, we explored the magical folk practices of our ancestors and their current iterations. Traditional Mexican brujería and its practices warrant their own conversation. In this book we explore brujería, not from an outsider or academic perspective, but through first-hand spiritual accounts. Blood of Brujería tells the stories we were told, and the magical lessons we were taught. This is the brujería we grew up with. This is the brujería we were warned to stay away from. This is the brujería of our blood.Tienes la llave, abre la puerta. You have the key, unlock the door.

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